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An Evanescent Trip To Gwalior

Gwalior– the earlier place of my maternal grandparents, where I used to spend my long school vacations, was always on my bucket list ever since my grandparents left the city and shifted to Bhopal.  In January 2016, I visited Gwalior, along with my 3 other friends, just to revive my childhood memories attached to it. […]


My Kolhapur Food Blog

Kolhapur– the city, where I spent amazing 4 years of my life (for pursuing food tech degree), never knew it would become my second home. The reason being the friends I earned, the things I learned in hostel, the positive and the magnetic vibes of the city which can  attract any stranger or an introvert, […]


My Coffee Tales

‏As Sir James Mackintosh says ,“The powers of man’s mind are directly proportional to the quantity of coffee he drinks”. Well  i do agree  with what this gentleman said after i had first sip of Coorgi coffee. It was raw, strong, flavourful , aromatic, refreshing. Coorg coffee has a gentle touch of coorgi soil which […]

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