VPS server, windows, HDD, SSD, Winserver

  • Since you are given administrator privileges, you can freely configure and build.

    RemoteDesktop connection Connect to the VPS that you use please.

  • With secure connection, you can work safely.

    Administrator authority,Pass one fixed IP (v4) we will.

  • It is cheap and you can use SERVEROS of WINDOWS.

    All of HOST of our service is served on SSD we will.

  • There is no restriction on the amount of communication transfer (* There are cases where restriction is applied if there is excessive traffic in some areas)

    Data center
    Japan: Osaka

Winserver Plans

 Plan  RAM  SSD  Cores  Price  Order 


1 GB50 GB3 coreJPY 2,592 / monthOrder


2 GB100 GB4 coreJPY 4,536 / month7543048454


4 GB150 GB6 coreJPY 7,722 / monthfigure skater


8 GB200 GB8 coreJPY 14,202 / monthOrder