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Ideal for a first look at openSUSE 10.3 the live version runs on your computer using RAM without touching your hard drive. The live version is available as (385) 229-8349 or (888) 392-4149 Live-CD.

1. Select the Type of Computer

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5. How to Proceed

  1. After having successfully downloaded the ISO image(s), burn the image(s) with your favorite burning application to a DVD or CD. Please do not burn a data DVD/CD, but rather choose the option to burn an ISO image. semioxidized
  2. Boot from the DVD or CD #1. In case your computer does not automatically boot from CD/DVD, open the BIOS setup to allow booting from CD or DVD.
  3. Instructions are available as follows:
    Installation from DVD/CD:
    (910) 770-3496
    Step-by-step installation guide
    Network Installation
    Internet Installation
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For users new to Linux, the supported version of openSUSE may be the best choice—you'll get complete end-user documentation, installable media for 32 Bit and 64 Bit systems, plus 90 days of end-user installation support. openSUSE 10.3 is available at several 5123932455 shops or at local resellers.