Yes, give Your Child a Starring Role in an eBook or Paper Book!

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For Chinese Children aged from 2 to 8
We help your child learn to Speak English and Read English stories

Paper Books (30-70 pages A4 Perfect Binding)

Delivered within 7 working days

eBooks on Smart Phones, iPad, PC

Delivered within 24 hours as a link

Videos on Smart Phones, iPad, PC

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Introducing The Alphabet Videos

That make it possible to see and listen to Your Child Speaking Perfect English.

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New Excitement in Reading

Children love to play, and most of all, they love to role-play. Think of the excitement of seeing themselves in books and videos. Think of the new world of learning when personalised books become the norm. All these are happening now — for the first time, your kid is not just reading a story. Your kid is the story!

More than just Fun!

While our artists are having fun in the Illustration Department, Speech Specialists gather in the R&D Lab to analyse facial muscles and mouth movements. If you want to see how a kid delivers “V” and “Th” correctly, you don’t have to go far. Pick a Greeting Video here and you’ll see you own child doing it — with correct and beautiful mouth movements

Lost on the First Day to School?

There is no lack of kindergarten curricula but surprisingly publishers have yet to come up with an effective system that prepares your child for primary education. Teachers still tell your kid “boxes” is the plural of “box” but can’t turn the clock back to introduce that word before the first school day. Our learning package is unique:

* The Alphabet Video includes 26 words that cover all the English vowels you’ll ever need to learn.

* Our Vocabulary Package includes all English words your child needs to know before starting school. But it’s our Customised Profile and Assignment scheme that ensure no lesson is missed and no child is left behind.

* Sentence Structures and other grammar features are hidden as part of their favourite stories. In this way, children enjoy building up grammar concepts and skills in a transparent way to master their lifelong language learning.

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We regularly post English learning articles on the Official Account for children aged 2 - 8. We can help your kids grasp the basics of the English language quickly and get a head start in their English education.